Isa Grassi

I'm a restless 24-years-old who’s primary objective is to make art in whichever shape or form necessary in order to express myself.

I'm selective about what I build my life around. I like striking things, raw, incandescent things. I sleep too much and need my cup of coffee in the morning. I try to be brave and smart but it's almost impossible to be both at the same time.

I take what was and apply my own vision to it. Swallow it, absorb it and put it out in the world once it has become part of my system.

 I’m in the pursuit of creating my own world, trying to achieve the most for myself, and if there’s something I'll never be sorry for, is everything I put my heart into.

The Polaroid Project

The Polaroid Project is my tribute to music and it started out of need for a creative stimulus.

As an illustrator, I’m used to depicting both reality and fiction in relation to me and to what I know and have seen for myself. It’s all an extension of my own perception, and I just grew tired of making everything about me - I wanted to expand my art and my experience to other fields.

Music has always played a main role throughout my life and I have attended live shows since a fairly young age; it's a world I wasn't part of and was fascinated by. My interest in this industry and the respect I bare towards the work done, the process, and the people behind it have lead to the birth of The Polaroid Project. I'm documenting a time and place in history, as well as in my life, through pictures of amazing figures, but mostly amazing people. People that way too often we forget are just like us.

I want people to fall in love with these individuals, with their essence, and not because they are popular amongst our society. I want people to look past the pretty faces and stylized looks, and appreciate them for what they are and not necessarily who they are.